Sweet Nothings - Burnout

26:10 Sweet Nothings Aug 11, 2020 8 comments 4151 977

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I think we're all going through a bit of burnout...so cuddle up with me and know that it's okay

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  • MadWithLust on 2020-08-25 11:21:18 (UTC)

    Finally! A solution to the "Stealing the Covers" problem that I can agree with! :P Such a warm invitation to spoon! <3!

    I really need this pillowtalk! Love the pillowtalk whispers, a snuggle felt so good in all this craziness! I think you really hit it on the head about the burnout and the "compassion fatigue". I had never heard about it that before and it makes sense. It's really tough either hoping for a solution very soon and getting disappointed or dealing with the "no end in sight" hopelessness. It takes a toll and everything just feels so Blah right now with everyone putting their lives on hold.

    But I still warm up at the thought of heating up those warmpire cold feet... :D

    • A Eve on 2020-08-26 20:08:49 (UTC)

      We've also been dealing with political unrest, the BLM issues and protests, the anti-maskers, and anything else the world has thrown at us. It's definitely time to snuggle!

  • Benny on 2020-08-16 11:36:20 (UTC)

    Hi Evie, have you ever thought about why there are 5 syllables in the word monosyllabic?... Weird innit.

    • A Eve on 2020-08-16 15:00:06 (UTC)

      that's a great shower thought right there!

  • SamuelXD on 2020-08-15 03:42:38 (UTC)

    As someone who works in a hospital, news on COVID came fast and feeling anxious because of it, yet still went to work, since I had a job to do even as the pandemic became serious.

    Then losing a loved one, who was a front line worker, to the virus and having to quarantine myself and deal with the aftermath was emotionally draining. Also, dealing with the virus personally, going through testing, isolating myself again, the agonizing waiting period, dark thoughts regarding the pandemic was torture. All I know is that I'm standing and I have to keep going forward. As for the social unrest, I'm not surprised but I'm too emotionally spent to even empathize.

    • A Eve on 2020-08-16 14:58:51 (UTC)

      I'm so sorry for your loss, that's just awful. I hope you're taking good care of yourself through all this ❤️

  • CharlieRomeoLima on 2020-08-11 23:01:10 (UTC)

    This audio really spoke to me, especially when you discuss retail/food service. When we get new products we're encouraged to show enthusiasm for its features and benefits even when we're not genuinely feeling it. If us employees had workshops where we could actually try the product ourselves we could be more authentic about it. :) And you're correct about burnouts in public-facing jobs. After a stretch of 6-7 days straight attending to others I like nothing more than to go straight home & be in my own head space.

    I've been donating to various causes to help where I can. Last one was a young child who needed heart surgery to live and before that a bail fund for protesters rounded up in the unrest after George Floyd's death. I hear the Canadian Gov't is matching private donations up to $2m to Lebanon but I just can't summon up the will to contribute. You're so right, the fatigue from all the many problem in 2020 is real. Thank you for the Sweet Nothings cuddle!

    • A Eve on 2020-08-16 14:58:04 (UTC)

      You're very welcome, I'm glad you're able to find some down time from your busy job. Hang in there C! xx