Sweet Nothings: Holding Pattern

19:30 Sweet Nothings Jul 18, 2018 8 comments 7246 1425

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I sense that things haven't been going too well for you lately - so snuggle in with me and let me gently touch your face as we talk about nothing and everything...and let me sing you to sleep...

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  • Benny on 2020-10-29 08:49:00 (UTC)

    Eve... You are a B-E-A-UTIFUL! human being.🙏♥️🇦🇺

    • A Eve on 2020-10-29 14:33:52 (UTC)

      That's so sweet of you, thank you 💋

  • CharlieRomeoLima on 2018-07-19 12:51:23 (UTC)

    I don't fly but I understand holding patterns are a common source of frustration for passengers who just want their damn airborne sardine can to land so they can get to where they need to be, and it's really a fantastic analogue for ambitious, highly goal-oriented people who are feeling stalled in their life progress. Admittedly I don't count myself among these achievers and I sometimes beat myself up about it because our society is so obsessed with productivity and continuous self-improvement, as if we're never good enough just the way we are.

    I'm feeling rather proud of you today listening to this. You confront a personal anxiety around flight in what has to be one of the best ways possible by reworking it into a comforting balm for the worries of others listening to you. And thank you for the morning pre-work cuddle! 😌

    • A Eve on 2018-07-21 10:35:38 (UTC)

      Thank you so much - it is one of the biggest achievements of my life, getting over my absolutely crippling fear of flying. And you're most welcome! xox

  • Matthew on 2018-07-19 06:36:58 (UTC) (edited)

    I haven't slept properly for about week but listening to this you restored a lot of positivity cause lately I felt the whole world is against me I just wish I could stay in this holding patern for s bit longer cause I m starting to feel better now, I enjoyed your early morning cuddles I say early morning it was about 3am but I do prefer to listen you than sleeping anyway your beautiful singing cause you are such a calming influence in my head, Thank you your the best 😊😊😘😘🎤↪🎧

    • A Eve on 2018-07-21 10:34:54 (UTC)

      You're very welcome, I hope you get the rest you need xx

  • SamuelXD on 2018-07-19 05:09:00 (UTC)

    I'm not gonna lie, I've been having trouble sleeping, so this came at a great time. It was really soothing and your singing was a nice touch 😊😊😊

    • A Eve on 2018-07-21 10:34:30 (UTC)

      Thank you, I'm glad you found it soothing. I hope you get some good sleep😘