Chapter Twenty Seven - Noah & Kate (my new erotic romance novel)

22:46 Noah and Kate Jan 22, 2023 6 comments 1222 348

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Emma's conversation gets Noah thinking, and he goes to the cabin to talk to Kate, who learns something about Paige and Callum...

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  • Adreamer on 2023-02-01 17:12:33 (UTC)

    Love listening to you, your storys and everything, you could do a 12 hour audio to sleep with just your sweet voice would help a lot to sleep better, you are so positive and loving, always wanted a girlfriend like you, but listening to you at least gives me the experience, you are an artist and you are realy important for us thank you Eve. I wish you good luck with your book and everything. You deserve more attention. You realy are special. Love you.

    • A Eve on 2023-02-01 22:29:48 (UTC)

      Thank you so much, that means so much to me. ❤️

  • wearerobin on 2023-01-29 05:48:44 (UTC)

    I’m with Noah on this, I want his life freed of these righteously indigent women too, because they are cutting into Noah & Kate cute and sexy time. Can Paige & Emma get off their neck? Every time they’re being cute and sexy Paige or Emma comes in, and rains on their parade. Kate was ready to be cute and sexy with Noah, but Noah is still reeling from his conversation with Emma. We know the clock is ticking, and they’re running out of time. Which is why I want them to just live in the moment with each other and be cute & sexy! Ugh! But I’m happy ZuZu Petals is doing well! Kate deserves this! And I loved how we got more backstory about the three leads. It's sad to hear about Noah and Paige’s dad, and how his death affected them. And how his death is the main deterrent to Paige and Callum happening. I’m with Kate on this, Callum needs to lose the badge. What’s a badge to the woman of your dreams? Get an office job Callum!! Lol See you next time!

    • A Eve on 2023-01-31 22:00:14 (UTC)

      I'm glad you enjoyed the back story, it felt like the right time to dial up the emotional stakes a bit...

  • MadWithLust on 2023-01-26 11:36:44 (UTC)

    What a curveball! I was thinking this was going to be a two-for-one, N&K and P&C friends-to-lovers special...but now I'm not so sure. This has such a real life feel, people holding back because "it's complicated." And maybe I am overestimating the power of the WESP! :P

    But I love this chapter and all those wonderful little details with such a natural conversation in such an "ordinary" yet great moment...I love hearing about how the seed business was doing and most importantly, all those sweet, steamy kisses! And let's not forget about the hot details of Kate being all "wanton hussy" in her nothing-but-a-T-shirt-as-a-sexy-dress...swoon

    But the way the chapter ended...I have no idea what surprise you have in store for these two!

    • A Eve on 2023-01-31 21:59:21 (UTC)

      You know me...