Chapter Twenty Eight - Noah & Kate (my new erotic romance novel)

38:34 Noah and Kate Apr 10, 2023 8 comments 1299 289

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After their talk by the water, Noah decides to show Kate something special...

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  • wearerobin on 2023-05-01 01:39:23 (UTC)

    YES! Kate finally got some head! I’ve been waiting for this moment since chapter 15. When Noah was thinking about going down on her. Kate pre-Noah had an abysmal dating history. All-time bad. They should be arrested. Everyone woman deserves great sex. So I was very happy for Kate, up until she started talking about “It’s a Wonderful Life” When she brought the film up, I was like “Kate shut the fuck up! You and Noah are being cute and sexy. The movie is a huge reminder that Noah is living his own version of Bedford Falls. Stop talking and KISS HIM”. Like really Kate did you have to bring that up during sexy time? But oh when she was internally hoping that Noah would ask her to come with him to Panama, I was right there with Kate. I was like, “ASK HER TO COME WITH YOU NOAH! YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO ASK HER!” But alas he did not. Love that these two goofs are continuing their tradition of not having sex in a bed. Again, great stuff. Thanks for the update, can’t wait to see what happens next!

    • A Eve on 2023-05-11 12:42:33 (UTC)

      haha you caught on to the 'not in a bed' thing, did you? Very good! Let me just say...not in a bed...yet

  • MadWithLust on 2023-04-11 11:53:46 (UTC)

    This chapter was waaay too short! This could have been a hundred pages and 3 hours long and I still would want more! :P

    Everything was just so good! That gorgeous romantic setting, that flirty, playful banter (the constellations had me cracking up!), that amazing Kate worship all over...swoon...I definitely did not get enough as I languished in every delicious, sensual detail.

    And then those curveballs, that was some crazy good writing, just so believably real how those little tiny comments blow up into those pregnant pauses, those racing thoughts, those desperate attempts at telepathy! I was also mentally giving some not-so-subtle hints to Noah ..."Just spoiler already!!!"

    The ending of the chapter did feel a little rushed. I do think that Noah would have been a bit too "ready" after having a taste, but time could have slowed down a bit for a convenient, lengthy commentary by the sweet narrator! Just saying... :P

    • A Eve on 2023-04-17 20:10:01 (UTC)

      Oh, I'm sorry the ending felt rushed :( This may be corrected in a future edit, once I get a chance to read the whole thing cold again

      • MadWithLust on 2023-04-19 12:01:24 (UTC) (edited)

        Oh, Eve, I'm so sorry if I gave you the wrong impression. There's nothing to be corrected or edited here, either the writing or the narration. I was just being silly and hungry for more Noah and Kate sexy time! I was just joking that even if this was a "quicker" love making session in actual time Noah and Kate spent together, one of the perks of writing (vs. TV or movies) is that you could spend as much time as you like describing all those sexy little details...and I loves me some Eve Elliot sexy little details! :P

        • A Eve on 2023-05-11 12:41:45 (UTC)

          aw, well that's nice to hear! I don't mind criticism, this is a work in progress and I don't take suggestions personally. I want this to be a good story

  • SeaReader on 2023-04-11 01:32:43 (UTC)

    Eve, it is So good to have you back, and more selfishly, to have Kate and Noah's journey continuing forward. I am hoping for honesty to ultimately rule the day between the two of them. They have a history, genuine affection if not outright but stifled Twue Wuvv (Princess Bride), and great kick-ass sex. What more could anyone want? (I like Kate's take on It's a Wonderful Life in this chapter; couldn't be your own, now, could it?)

    I hope your recent challenges have lessened, that you and all involved have made it through with any ease and relief possible.

    You are So talented, and give So much to us total strangers. Your voice is a respite, your heart a balm, your humor a true delight. Please be as good to yourself as you are to us. I am certain that many more out here care about you and your well-being than will ever take the time to express it. Just imagine a long queue, in solidarity, of appreciation and respect and affection behind me. Big hugs, endless Thank You(s). All the best.

    • A Eve on 2023-04-17 20:08:11 (UTC)

      Thank you so much, I love the Princess Bride reference!

      My life hasn't lessened, it's even worse if anything, but I'm hanging in there.