Love Bites - I Miss You (With Photos)

05:43 Love Bites Aug 22, 2017 16 comments 22160 3473

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This time I'm calling because I miss you...

And I just texted you some photos...

So listen to my voicemail, and look at the photos I sent, okay baby?


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  • Jeffsortairish on 2017-08-25 16:46:36 (UTC) (edited)

    Seductive visually and in voice, and in the best kind of way! A woman teasing him with her body, in a sharing and loving way, and wanting pleasure for them both :)

    Just before I posted this, I realized "both" could refer not only to him and you, but also your nipples :P

    • A Eve on 2017-08-26 19:43:09 (UTC)

      haha yes :P Glad you enjoyed this post xox

  • netsroht on 2017-08-23 07:37:00 (UTC)

    You really know how to wrap those two amazing gifts. Very, very, very nice taste of lingerie. There is even a cute little loop in between. Great wrapping skills! ;-) Im envious of anybody who is allowed to remove this packaging.

    Youre so gifted with you sense of style, both visual and audible!

    • A Eve on 2017-08-23 15:41:59 (UTC)

      Thank you darlin! 💋

  • CharlieRomeoLima on 2017-08-22 23:45:03 (UTC)

    After listening to your voicemail and seeing these photos I felt invigorated for the nine hours of work ahead of me today, but I also felt a keener sense of longing to hear your voice again, and so counted down the hours until I could don my headphones again. In the end, you are always worth the wait.

    Eve, the eroticism of your latest experiment is once again, like your vaudios, off the charts. Your earlier good morning post on Instagram was as a delicious appetizer, whetting the appetite for the sensuous audiovisual entrée to come. Instructing me to open the attached images and flip through them (including the wonderful OnlyFans exclusives) while this voicemail played was a richly immersive, interactive experience I will never forget. Except, and I consider this to be a boon, that I got to view them gloriously enlarged on my full-sized monitor rather than the cramped confines of a smartphone screen.😏💻 Thank you, Eve, for your innovative spirit that helps us to experience all of the myriad angles of being in a worthwhile relationship with an amazing woman.

    Storm's mention about a different kind of stress made this randomly tangential thought occur to me: I first went online in the waning years of dial-up modems. When I think about how slow speeds were back then, circa 1998-9, I could just imagine the impatience I might've felt whilst waiting for your photos to download, one row of pixels at a time, praying all the while that I wouldn't just disconnect halfway through! 😋

    • A Eve on 2017-08-23 15:42:47 (UTC)

      haha oh wow, that brings me back. Yes, I can't even imagine this through dialup - wow!

      Thanks as always, Charlie! ❤️

  • Georgio36 on 2017-08-22 16:25:47 (UTC)

    Aww Eve, I'll always miss you even tho I get to hear your voice every other day lol 😄. Thanks again for sharing such a beautiful sculpture of your body with me & your princes. I feel Soo lucky seeing what you like or just experiencing your work of art here. Words at this point aren't enough to describe what you mean to many. You have the most perfect suclient breasts, hands, belly, I'm sure thighs, butt, & or course whatever your face looks like. If I ever get down, it's great knowing I can here for some love bites. I wish you a beautiful day goddess 🌷

    • A Eve on 2017-08-22 22:10:15 (UTC)

      Thank you so much! I show other parts of me, including my face sometimes, though I am a bit shy, on my Instagram 💋

      • Georgio36 on 2017-08-23 01:27:44 (UTC) (edited)

        Ohh how courageous of you to show what your face looks like 😊. Eve I know how shy you are still with showing yourself on the internet. Im very shy when it comes to pictures too. However your face is amazingly perfect & should never be hidden🌺. I don't have Instagram because it's way too much for me to keep up with sometimes cuz I have Twitter, YouTube & of course your beautiful site that I enjoy visiting everyday. Thanks for sharing what do show here with me. Just be safe out there ok

        • A Eve on 2017-08-23 15:43:16 (UTC)

          Thank you sweetie, I'm usually pretty careful.

  • stormmuse on 2017-08-22 12:01:17 (UTC)

    This series is captures the desire that causes you to relentlessly tease your man so perfectly! The little catches in your voice, the descriptions of what you want to or would do, if only your man would return to you...perfection!

    That little bow just draws the eye to your beautiful breasts, almost like a little tease of "Pull me and they'll spring free!", while those curls call to my fingers to just twine in it. Imagining your greedy little mouth teasing and loving me as those wondrous tits surround me...simply heaven! The sight of your amazing ass as we embrace our lust, with the feel of your tits in my hands, and the smell of your hair on my face...exquisite! Just know that, upon hearing that little edge, as you ask me to come home, would torment me, until I return to you...which wouldn't be long!

    A wondrous way to start the day, milady! I look forward to it replaying in my mind, providing those lovely little distractions to ease the stress...or perhaps, just cause a different kind of stress.

    • A Eve on 2017-08-22 22:09:03 (UTC)

      oh yes, I'll all for a different kind of stress...thank you storm! 💋

  • Jandrusel on 2017-08-22 11:20:54 (UTC)

    Just let you know Eve that you're probably going to be on my mind for the rest of the day. That black dress, the transparency of your bra, the gloriously generous cleavage, those curls, holy heavens, those curls... rawr You're gonna give me a heart attack one of these days 💕

    • A Eve on 2017-08-22 22:08:36 (UTC)

      haha I hope not - you're still doing Zumba right? Keep up the cardio! 💋

      • Jandrusel on 2017-08-23 10:03:14 (UTC) (edited)

        Not currently. I'm looking for a new gym - and new Zumba classes - since the one I used to go closed out.

        But that won't stop me from being the 'sexy SZ' that I am. Thank you for being my biggest fan! :D

        • A Eve on 2017-08-23 15:44:44 (UTC)

          I absolutely am! ¡Olé!