Love Bites - Employee of the Month Award!

06:23 Love Bites Aug 17, 2017 6 comments 20810 3904

Download (8 MB, MP3)

You're such a good employee! Here's your Employee of the Month award, right under your desk!

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  • billymacorbuddy on 2017-08-21 12:04:35 (UTC)

    Way, way, way back when, I won Employee of the Month. The prize was nowhere near as good as this. This is much much better than a parking spot closer to the entrance!

    • A Eve on 2017-08-21 19:44:27 (UTC)

      hahaha well I was considering surprising you with a set of steak knives, but I think this reward stimulates your performance a bit more :P

  • MadWithLust on 2017-08-20 15:56:29 (UTC)

    Mmm...that would make me look forward to going to work! We need to make this Employee of the Week...or Day! I think, with your performance, you've definitely earned it! I would totally pad the underside of the desk for you! Or give you a tour of the desk... Semi NSFW :P

    • A Eve on 2017-08-21 19:44:53 (UTC)

      haha I like that kind of tour! And padding on the underside, great idea! 💋

  • Georgio36 on 2017-08-17 20:04:12 (UTC)

    Wow!! Eve 😮, so this is what I get for those long hours at the office making sure my work is complete, for making sure the company coffee tastes good while being nice to the co workers lol 😄. It's nice to know you were paying attention to detail especially here. If this always happens, I promise to do a great job every month for EruadicaINC lol. Seriously, I wasn't expecting this at all today Eve. I feel like your love bites & cock worships are the best reward after a long day. I needed this release of tension. You are best 💓

    • A Eve on 2017-08-19 19:34:26 (UTC)

      haha Eraudica Inc, I love it! I'm glad you enjoyed it and it brightened up your work day, Geo! 💋