E.V.E Jupiter Orbital Insertion (J.O.I) part 2

31:27 Sci-Fi Nov 19, 2016 30 comments 90222 11019

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It's often difficult to achieve...orbit :P

Let your sentient AI E.V.E. help you with your J.O.I - Jupiter Orbital Insertion, of course :p

Many thanks to /u/leytod for another amazing E.V.E. script

Here's the first audio featuring E.V.E

Other audios in series E.V.E


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  • TheGOAT123 on 2022-03-14 05:04:11 (UTC)

    this is the perfect combo of trippy and sexy. well done, Eve. well done

    • A Eve on 2022-03-15 23:04:06 (UTC)

      haha thanks!!

  • Grabnaur on 2018-09-26 13:18:59 (UTC) (edited)

    Eve you now have credit for being the first women to make me jerk off and cum. Please accept this fake trophy, sash and over sized check for $1,000,000,000,000 dollars. Keep up the amazing work you sultry vixen of men's dreams.

    • A Eve on 2018-09-30 15:22:05 (UTC)

      haha I happily accept the fake trophy, sash and oversized check! I'm glad you enjoyed it! 😘

  • ShadowMoon on 2018-02-12 01:47:56 (UTC)

    My, that certainly gives a new meaning to 'we're cumming in hot'. 😜

    It's hard for me to say whether I would act so facetious where I actually in this life and death scenario. But I suppose that when you could end up dead in just a few moments, you do what you can to grab life by the balls and shaft and pump it for all its worth...especially if you are doing it for someone you love. That's always the when the truth is revealed isn't it? When two people, even a Captain and his AI, could lose each other forever, they realize that they want to be together until the end. It's really touching to imagine E.V.E fighting to save herself and the one she loves, all the while asking him to bring himself to the height of sexual pleasure for her to have one last shared happiness in this world. In case there are only seconds, "I will make them count." 😯

    The instruction was one of the best I had experienced. The slow build of the action to tease the pleasure out of my loins while my emotions are a mixture of concern for my A.I. lover's well-being, determination to give her everything she wants to inspire her forward, and a thrill that this might be the last time I feel this good. Your words are always encouraging, and even though I can hear your second voice screaming warnings and apologies, I choose to focus on the loving voice telling me to imagine that I am inside her, being with her fully one...last...time. I was right on the edge when silence fell. In truth, that terrified me more than the thought of being burned alive in atmosphere. Because sitting there I knew that I was alive, but I didn't know if you were. 😟

    What a relief it was to hear your voice again. I could have almost cried. For a moment I completely forgot about the reward awaiting should we actually make it, and was just happy you were still there. Everything that came after was a non-stop smile for me. I particularly enjoyed that the Captain chose the same appearance E.V.E took as before, and that it made her happy. I felt like I would have done the same. Every time I hear these little romantic moments, I feel this little surge through my body, starting from my chest and radiating outward through my head and limbs. I don't know why it happens, but it's something that has always drawn me to romance stories. 😍

    This series just keeps getting better and better. I missed saying it last time, but I must commend your mastery of the technical jargon. You see so many actors and actresses flub on these in bloopers, but here you make it seem so natural. That is probably both because leytod has proven himself an excellent writer and you have an outstanding ability to bring it to life. This is a world that feels so real. The emotions are certainly real for me. I'm not sure that I want to leave. Thanks goodness for Part 3. I'll see you over there. 😁

    • A Eve on 2018-02-16 20:13:11 (UTC)

      Thank you so much, I'm so glad this performance affected you so deeply. I picture the E.V.E series like mini-series on Netflix, I try to make the sfx realistic enough to help you immerse.

      (And I do flub a bit, I just edit them out :P)

  • JJTK on 2017-03-30 11:50:35 (UTC)

    I know you only released this a few months ago, but I already yearn for the next one. Definitely one of my favourite audios you've done. Keep up the boner-inspiring work :P

    • A Eve on 2017-03-30 19:37:09 (UTC)

      haha thank you, I shall ❤️

  • CharlieRomeoLima on 2017-03-16 05:22:01 (UTC) (edited)

    A bit of a gushy review, you have been warned!

    There's just this amazing indescribable synergy between leytod's writing and your realization of his words that elevates this work, together with the first E.V.E. audio, to a new height of aural masterpiece. The E.V.E. persona resulting from your collaboration is so thoroughly rendered it was a delight to hear her evolve from factory-zero analytical machine to a personality nigh indistinguishable from a passionately loving woman of flesh. leytod's scenario of an orbital insertion manoeuvre fraught with peril was brilliant and, on my first listen-through not knowing what to expect or how it would end, I found myself genuinely concerned for E.V.E.'s welfare despite knowing she is a fictional character. Were I the crewmember, I believe I could die happy if I could know that E.V.E. was going to be alright.

    I appreciate the happy ending too; I don't really like downers. I remember the orbital insertion of the Juno probe around Jupiter last summer and I read that at mission's end, control will send the orbiter into an atmospheric death dive to prevent accidental contamination of the moons with terrestrial microbes. It would've been certainly tragic if this was to be the fate of the Evergreen, or if they didn't survive Jupiter's massive radiation belts (but we all know our fave A.I. can calculate evasive dodges like that with minimal processing resources.) For an epilogue, I like to imagine that after getting refitted and refueled at Europa, the Evergreen will embark on a lengthy subluminal cruise back to Earth spanning several months, ending with a very-involved, highly detailed 'docking' procedure. :D

    I don't know if it was intentional or not, but I loved how leytod deftly wove your message of sex positivity into his script. Or maybe that was one of your (Eve) improvised tweaks. As E.V.E. herself understands, were it not for her transformative experiences in the simulations with her beloved Evergreen crew member, she would not have been even capable of conceiving of her plan, let alone executing it. Her love unlocked such depths of potential her creators had never devised in her original architecture, which parallels the human experience of two lovers bringing out the best (heh, and sometimes the worst but that is beside the point) in each other. And no matter the superficial visual representation of her virtual body she assumes in her simulations, E.V.E. will always be....well, E.V.E.! Beautiful...simply beautiful writing. If you ever read this leytod, I think you'd be a great science fiction writer.

    I don't really know much about what goes into crafting such a complex audio, but with the perfection exhibited here I am certain it was a lot of hard work to pull off. The layering of multiple audio streams like the ambient ship beeps and thruster burns, the sucky-fucky, together with the post-processing of your voice(s) must have been a time-consuming editing ordeal to get the volume and timings to all sync together. I admire your dedication to high production values and sincerely appreciate all of the sheer effort you've so clearly poured into this...and you freely share this with all of us to boot. I cannot thank you enough, Eve.

    P.S. Listened to it a second time... I report that my parasympathetic and sympathetic circuits are fried and all systems are blown. Looks like I will have to retire to stasis for recovery, and perhaps a squishy cozy cuddle. :)

    P.P.S. I read on your Twitter about getting a tetanus shot. I really hope you are OK.

    • A Eve on 2017-03-16 12:09:52 (UTC)

      haha well a lot to respond to, I love it 💋

      First - re: tetanus. Yes I'm okay, I just stepped on something in the garden and to be safe I went for a jab.

      Secondly, thank you for the praise, it means a lot to me. An audio like this takes at least a day to create, every sound effect you hear is a separate sound that has to be sourced, imported, edited in and adjusted to sound natural. So it's pretty labour intensive. But I'm an 'artiste' and I love doing good work, so it's worth it.

      Thirdly - well I certainly hope your parasympathetic system was involved in one particular function nudge nudge wink wink :P

      Thanks again 💋

  • LordPhantom1995 on 2017-02-02 05:25:17 (UTC)

    Absolutely freaking amazing, Eve! I don't know what it is about this series, but they just set me off like a fucking bottle rocket, and it's all thanks to you, and the amazing /u/leytod of course (hats off to you too) Do you guys have anymore of these planned for release? I gotta mark that shit on my calendar!!! xD

    • A Eve on 2017-02-02 20:42:35 (UTC)

      haha I don't know, there might be more adventures with E.V.E.

  • ridingthestorm on 2016-12-09 10:43:25 (UTC)

    Amazing as always Eve. When will this software be available? :P

    • A Eve on 2016-12-09 13:06:57 (UTC)

      haha I'm working on it. First step is to get myself into GPS systems :P

      • ridingthestorm on 2016-12-10 09:12:17 (UTC)

        Oh I would so buy that!

        • A Eve on 2016-12-10 20:46:33 (UTC)

          I think I'll do an audio featuring Eve the GPS :P

  • MadWithLust on 2016-12-06 02:39:24 (UTC)

    There is something about these dangerous maneuvers...what would I do with my one and only AI?!?! It was still hot to hear the JOI in the almost clinical terms but then the loving at the end...that was an overload of my circuits! I was just shy of making it to the cue!

    I wonder if there are more terrible situations (with happy endings) or if I get to show E.V.E. more about these "love faults"... :P

    P.S. The sound effects and your voice are just incredible! I can't imagine how long it took but the result was just so immersive! The engines kicking in...it sounded so real! And I really need to relisten to hear all those details that were in the background when everything was going crazy but all I could focus on were the sexy instructions... :P

    • A Eve on 2016-12-07 15:30:15 (UTC)

      Aw, thank you...shall I let you off the hook? The background is just a general space ship sound effect I found, I don't think the voice is saying anything important :P

  • Halo4life on 2016-12-05 22:13:14 (UTC)

    love this recording

    • A Eve on 2016-12-05 22:55:28 (UTC)

      Thank you 💋

  • Durgarnkuld on 2016-11-22 16:00:26 (UTC)

    I'm more of a fantasy guy, enjoying stuff like Saved from the Stake or your Succubus performance. Still, I liked all the small details in this one, they really add up for an awesome experience!

    • leytod on 2016-11-25 19:13:37 (UTC)

      Oh, that Succubus. I really should give her a name. Eve's reading of that first story gave her so much life. I dream about her - I actually do - imagining where her story (and her human partner) might go next.

      • A Eve on 2016-11-25 21:12:46 (UTC)

        I'm always up for more fantasy stuff, hint hint :P

    • A Eve on 2016-11-23 14:58:20 (UTC)

      Thank you 💋 I enjoy the fantasy stuff too, I plan to do more of that soon :)

  • Swappy on 2016-11-21 17:45:57 (UTC) (edited)

    A great performance. Brought me very close to an HFO (Despite it being a JOI). Keep up the good work.

    • A Eve on 2016-11-21 20:20:07 (UTC)

      thank you, I'm glad you liked it 💋

  • leytod on 2016-11-20 15:31:58 (UTC)

    Great performance, as always. It feels superfluous to write that. Your work is always excellent.

    I enjoyed the fine-tuning changes that you made through the script.

    I love the voice character you have created for E.V.E. Mixing quirky, computer speech with a sexy British accent is genius.

    Beautiful pacing and enunciation. The SFX work throughout is great. The improv is masterful. The whole thing is, of course, very sexy.

    Thank you for taking my words-on-a-screen and giving them life.

    • A Eve on 2016-11-21 20:20:32 (UTC)

      Thank you for writing such an awesome script and creating E.V.E. - we may have to have more adventures with her :P

      • leytod on 2016-11-25 19:15:54 (UTC)

        She is a lot of fun, and the voice that you have created for her is such a delight.

        • A Eve on 2016-11-25 21:13:14 (UTC)

          thank you, it means a lot that you like her ❤️