Rational Adults on a Third Date

36:31 First Time Together Sep 26, 2022 3 comments 661 243

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In this audio, I imagined we're an intellectual, dare I say it nerdy couple (we both wear glasses in this, just play along if you don't :P) who have reached our third date and have decided, since we are rational adults, that it would be best if we held off having sex just a little while longer. Just to get to know each other better...

So this audio is kind of layered, if you will...it's an audio about us lying on the couch together, imagining how we would touch ourselves after we part for the night. And of course it doesn't remain in the realm of fantasy for very long...

This audio also features some switching from mild mdom to mild fdom - I would hardly even call it that, but it's there slightly if you're concerned.

I forgot to close the window when I recorded this, sorry about the street noise - gives you that authentic feeling though!


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  • MadWithLust on 2022-11-04 11:22:20 (UTC)

    You come up with the most original and interesting sexy situations!!!

    I absolutely love a buildup before the first time...it just makes everything so special and intense. And I do have a boner for a sharp pair of intelligent, professional glasses on a woman! :P A sexy dress too! swoon

    But wow, the way this all unfolded...so steamy! Mutual masturbation and outercourse are so underrated!!! This felt so much more intimate (sharing of fantasies... swoon) and so much more...hot than a "wham-bam-thank-you-maam". The trust and communication of being told how my lover loves to be touched, kissed, caressed...exactly how to treat her sensitive pleasure center...so fucking sexy!

    I could have smugly enjoyed that alone but that little EveDom Rawr peeking out...that relentless grind on my sweet spot...I couldn't take it for very long...the very first mention of the magic words made me make a mess!

    Runs off to listen to Noah and Kate...Chapter "cleanup in aisle 7..." :P

    • MadWithLust on 2022-11-04 12:29:28 (UTC)

      How could I forget to mention that the tit worship was also crazy good in this audio! :D

      • A Eve on 2022-12-19 14:59:31 (UTC)

        I'm so glad you enjoyed this, I find the slow buildup really hot too!