Over the Phone HFO

33:30 phone sex Feb 21, 2021 8 comments 1999 757

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This audio has a bit of everything I like rolled into one - phone sex with a long distance lover (separated by the pandemic, as you can well imagine), a bit of fantasizing, a bit of romance, a bit of a joi, and a guided HFO (at least we hope!)

Don't worry if you don't have an HFO, it does take practice. But hopefully this works!


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  • TheGOAT123 on 2022-02-09 00:50:32 (UTC)

    Eve, you made me love phone sex. Your voice... that voice... it makes it so easy for me to truly cum hands free.

    • A Eve on 2022-02-13 19:55:12 (UTC)

      I'm so glad to hear that! Thanks for listening! xox

  • Krigerdersonne on 2021-04-05 19:16:49 (UTC)

    I am new on this side. I've tried hfo before, but it hasn't worked so far. My question now is do I have to know how it feels or do I just relax and just let go?

    • A Eve on 2021-04-05 20:41:51 (UTC)

      It can take many practice runs for a lot of guys, the key is relaxation and not to worry about whether you'll have one or not. Get immersed in the sensation and don't worry about whether it will happen, worry is a boner killer :P

      • Krigerdersonne on 2021-04-07 17:17:36 (UTC)

        okay then I'll try a few times ^^

        • A Eve on 2021-04-07 20:42:45 (UTC)

          have fun!

  • ArthurWynne on 2021-02-23 17:05:26 (UTC)

    Good god, Eve. You weren’t kidding that this has a bit of everything. But this is why I love Phone sex. It’s so descriptive and tantalising. Hearing a luscious voice describing the most lurid fantasies just makes even the loneliest of nights so much more exciting. But it’s got to a point where you know exactly what to say to get listeners like me as riled up as possible.

    And at the end... lord have mercy. You sound so goddamn voracious. HFO or not, that was incredible. Thank you, Eve. But please go easy on yourself next time! Your throat must’ve been so sore after this! 😅

    • A Eve on 2021-03-04 16:22:25 (UTC)

      haha it was a good one, wasn't it? :P