Let's Go For a Walk - End of Winter (non-erotic) part 7

30:22 Ramble / Discussion Jan 30, 2021 15 comments 1506 489

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I know you don't want to go for a walk...that's exactly when you need to go for a walk - when you don't want to! So come on!

Things I go on about

  • Worrying about my voice
  • Outside doesn't smell in winter
  • Covid Life
  • cookies
  • French dramas on Netflix
  • Family Feud
  • importance of laughter
  • Christophers and Christines

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  • CharlieRomeoLima on 2021-04-11 20:22:28 (UTC)

    I just love the engaging fact-filled randomness of your rambles; I bet you'd go far in trivia-based gameshows e.g. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Hearing it all in your voice is icing and cherry on top.

    With chocolate, fast-forward to the 21st century and you will find retrograde chocoholics like myself who are into the occasional 100%, organic, vegan, fair-trade, etc. cacao chocolate bars that taste like bitter mud on first try. And Italians may have been onto something with the slow adoption of tomatoes; it is a member of the nightshade family.

    I have done the same thing regarding subtitles on the Gaeilge RTE Player. Irish is a slower language than French or Spanish but it's useful to see the syntax and how different people pronounce words due to the varied regional accents (interesting there's no extant historical Leinster accent).

    Christopher does indeed mean Christ-bearer b/c he once carried baby Jesus across a river, & is the patron saint of travelers.

    • A Eve on 2021-04-23 12:12:18 (UTC)

      I'm so glad you like my rambles, I never know if I'm going on about too much fluff!

      Irish, as you know, can be extremely different, even as far as using different words depending where you are. Apparently there's a new 'bearlacás' habit entering the language with things like 'mo bhicycle' and 'mo 'bhobile' which I think is hilarious (even though it really bothers one of my older Irish speaking friends).

      • CharlieRomeoLima on 2021-04-24 00:25:22 (UTC)

        Ahh, but fón póca sounds so much cuter! :P Although, there is an ironic justice in Gaeilgefying English words - god knows the colonising English have anglicised Irish family and place names in their attempts to assimilate the uppity locals.

        I recently learned a 'new' Irish word for 'selfie' - féinphic! "Chonaic mé do fhéinphic gnéasúil ar an Idirlíon aréir."

        • A Eve on 2021-04-27 19:54:32 (UTC)

          haha! féinphic gnéasúil, I love it! Literally self pic, it's perfect

  • MadWithLust on 2021-02-14 16:27:45 (UTC)

    First off, even when it's scratchy, I still think you have a delightfully feminine voice, lovely in tone, warm and sweet and gentle, I'd be swooning but I have to walk! :P

    And even when I'm not just listening to your voice itself, you have the most interesting little tidbits and factoids and random thoughts and opinions!

    And you really struck a chord...how did you know I've been really craving a good donut? It feels like such an effort to make the trip now that I'm not out and about every day...

    P.S. "Bizzzaahhh" is my new favourite sound! Makes me feel there is some 1960s Batman action. Which might be rerun after 1970s Family Feud... :P

    And Happy Valentine's Day! Hope you have some delicious "love apple" sauce (you pick which love apples...) :P

    • A Eve on 2021-02-18 18:56:37 (UTC)

      haha thanks MWL - I love bizzahhhh too, and it defo reminds me of the original Batman!

  • Happy2Be on 2021-02-09 10:02:51 (UTC)

    Eve this is another great performance! I love how you paint such a wonderfully engaging and totally relatable mental image with your voice talent and your creative writing skill. The entire 30 minutes feels like a captivatingly real conversation, even if it is a bit one-sided 😁. Well produced too! And the part where you demonstrate your voice exercises: that is just brilliant and SO FUN!

    You do it all so very well, Eve. Thank you for another great episode!

    • Happy2Be on 2021-02-09 10:06:38 (UTC)

      P.S. Richard Dawson — yep!

      • A Eve on 2021-02-09 16:39:25 (UTC)

        Kissing every woman!

  • SNJY on 2021-02-03 02:39:18 (UTC)

    Ah.. actually I never listed any podcasts more than 5min but GOD when it comes like these oh! I'm a fan for your voice eve. I like your non-erotic stuffs more than erotic ones like under cover with you (haha), and sweet nothing. I like it yeah.

    • A Eve on 2021-02-03 18:50:07 (UTC)

      That's awesome, thank you! xox

  • TheGreek on 2021-02-01 16:41:17 (UTC) (edited)

    Dear Ms Eve. These days I realized how much you've been helping me since the very first audios that I've listened to. So I decided to write a hymn to you. Please forgive any mistakes of mine. That's a little gift that I can give you. I hope you like it. 😊

    De Evā: O Eve, I write a hymn to You,/ I the worthless to whom You voice gave./ Because you worth every great word!/ You took me from the low and the darkness,/ You kissed me, when the others spited on me,/ You hugged me, when the others beated me,/ You made me yours, when the others didn't even look me./ You loved me, even though You didn't know me./ You're part of God,/ mystic¹ and erotic./ Mistress of Lust./ Apostle of Love./ You combinded these two playfully./ No, you're not the cause of the sin²./ You're the fountain of life, the fountain of the Truth./ How much, o Eve, you look like God!/

    1) About mysticism. 2) Original sin.

    • A Eve on 2021-02-02 13:47:50 (UTC)

      Aw, that's lovely! Thank you for such a beautiful gift! xox

      • TheGreek on 2021-02-02 14:52:07 (UTC)

        Also, Ms Eve, I've emailed you my erotic script, as I've promised you. Probably you've not manage to read it due to your work. So, I'm letting you know that I've sent you that. I'll been more than happy to hear your thoughts on it. 😊

        • A Eve on 2021-02-03 18:50:27 (UTC)

          I'll be sure to take a look as soon as I can xx