The Things You Make Me Think About...

26:53 Fantasy Lover Sep 10, 2020 4 comments 1601 630

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Would you like to hear all the things you make me think about? Here's a little descriptive audio just for you.


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  • MadWithLust on 2022-02-21 13:23:46 (UTC)

    I was in a lusty mood and Eve fantasy time and the "cumming inside" tag...major anticipation boner before I even hit play! :P

    And wow, you used that alluring Eve fantasy voice which is totally irresistible, flirty, seductive but this time also giddy and playful, which was also really charming! It just felt like a sexy, intimate GFE experience!

    And I loved being the recipient of all that erotic foreplay, play, and I imagined some afterplay(glow) for good measure! :P I loved the undressing (for both!) and that fantasy connection...just total lust for each other with that acknowledgment that the steamy sexual tension is going to be satisfied!

    And OMG I was on the edge for the "goddess on her knees" but I had to pause the stroking to make it to the magic words...mmm...kissy-fucky gentle feminine hands-on-my-back legwrap!!! (♥♥♥)

    Just so you know...the things you make me think about...Round 2...after I recover from all that post-mind-blowing-orgasm swooning! :P

    • A Eve on 2022-02-23 12:30:38 (UTC)

      haha kissy-fucky gentle feminine hands-on-my-back legwrap! That's awesome! xx

  • ArthurWynne on 2020-09-13 23:01:32 (UTC)

    Not one but two heavily descriptive audios in one week?! Just brilliant. Thank you Eve.

    • A Eve on 2020-09-14 12:20:33 (UTC)

      You're very welcome! Thanks for listening! xx