Would You Please...? Asking For What I Want

41:03 First Time Together Dec 22, 2019 6 comments 3249 1018

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I got the idea for this audio from discussions I've had with guys around the subject of 'not wanting to be a creep'. So many men these days are deathly afraid of making the first move with a woman, because if they're wrong about her receptiveness, it could lead to serious consequences.

I've often said that it's such a shame this has happened, because I'm the kind of woman (and I know many, many more like me) who actually want a man to make the first move. I don't feel that comfortable initiating things, I would prefer it if a guy let me know he was into me.

In this audio, I dramatized this idea - we've spent the evening at your place watching movies and sort of kind of being on a date (the idea is we've known each other a while, but this is the beginning of a romantic relationship we're exploring) and it's time for me to go home. At the door, there's some awkwardness over the goodbye...and I'm not satisfied with just a hug.

So can it be Fdom if I'm asking you to do what you want to me? Is it Msub if you're doing what you want to do anyway? Hmmm....


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  • MadWithLust on 2021-07-09 11:50:22 (UTC)

    Would you please make more audios like this?
    It is quite difficult to make the first move as a guy, when you never quite know how she really feels. But this was so easy to get the hint!

    And the romance that followed, oh the buildup was electric! It was such an exquisite first time audio...the kissing was magnetic, the caressing was sweet, those whispery "would you please..."s were just irresistible! I loved every little moment and exactly how it all unfolded, especially the wonderful TLC at the second and third base! I lost count of all the sexy things you said during that dreamy foreplay!

    And the sweet lusty fucking was perfect! Maybe more than perfect, it was so good I had to stop a few times to make it to the magic words! But when I did, it was so unbelievably satisfying to share the beautiful release!

    Would you please help me get the step ladder so I can clean the cum off the ceiling? After a good long cuddly afterglow and Round 2... :P

    • A Eve on 2021-07-12 19:24:10 (UTC)

      I would like to explore this idea more, I will put it on the list! xx

  • SimpleTim on 2020-03-24 19:52:24 (UTC)

    That "would you please" was incredible eve, Its like a sexy Simon says.

    • A Eve on 2020-03-27 03:14:21 (UTC)

      haha thank you!

  • MajorMoonlight on 2019-12-24 04:45:40 (UTC)

    Beautiful job with this first-time audio. Sweet, sensitive, and smoking hot. Well done!

    • A Eve on 2019-12-24 10:07:20 (UTC)

      Thank you, Major!