Meeting at the Hotel - A Choose Your Own Ending Series - Part 3 part 3

17:17 Choose Your Own Ending Sep 14, 2019 8 comments 31608 4178

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So now I know that you want me to do whatever I want...and it makes me all giggly and silly and hungry for your cock!

(I couldn't find a clip that included the Blowjob Paradox, but I did find this clip of another great scene, pornoland - you should definitely watch Man Up if you get a chance)

EDIT - thanks to Charlie Romeo Lima, we now have the Blowjob Paradox clip!

Posting the poll for part 4 in a few days...

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  • MadWithLust on 2019-10-13 16:11:18 (UTC)

    After watching that clip, I had to watch Man Up first before listening! What a fantastic recommendation (I hadn't heard of it before now)!

    So...yeah, after that hot make out session and deciding to take it, what a pleasant surprise! I was feeling a bit mixed but the way you explained how much you liked giving blowjobs...and then I wasn't mixed anymore! Fuck, it is so sexy hearing how eager you are! Just the way you so seductively charm your way to getting what you want...mmm....yes, please!

    • A Eve on 2019-10-13 18:53:41 (UTC)

      haha well thank you - and it really is an underrated gem of a movie, isn't it?

  • CharlieRomeoLima on 2019-10-02 05:08:19 (UTC)

    Haha, blowjob paradox (anyone publishing a white paper on this hypothesis?) It's all about taking the pressure off and, with all the cues she's been giving him, the rest will just flow organically.

    This was a most pleasant listen, and you've a way with recording these slow, languid blowjob sessions that I find to be quite relaxing, in addition to sexy, to hear. I've also found a clip of that scene on someone's Tumblr page. "Use it, don't abuse it." :P

    • A Eve on 2019-10-22 21:45:18 (UTC)

      That is simply fantastic! I'm going to include that in the description, thank you Charlie!

  • Jason on 2019-09-17 23:58:59 (UTC)

    I really enjoyed this. It was cute, fun and incredibly sexy. Also, quite relaxing with those cute signature giggles that you always have. Something I really needed to shut off to after storms devastated the region of Spain I live in.

    As for her question, I know what I'd say, I just hope it's on the poll hah. Maybe later in the series she has a dark secret that she has a new York accent ;) hahah what have you done to me with that?

    • A Eve on 2019-09-18 22:20:49 (UTC)

      haha I like that idea :P

  • mouthlieseyesdont on 2019-09-15 19:01:54 (UTC)

    mm.. about that last question , I wouldnt pretend you were the only girl I approached online, but I tell you , you are the only girl I wouldnt care to spend an entire night in bed with, no sex, just there huggin and touchin, whispering you the amazing things I feel when I hear your voice... honestly x)

    • A Eve on 2019-09-18 22:20:38 (UTC)

      that's not a bad idea at all xx