Whispery Tease...(go on, "indulge your bulge")

10:06 phone sex Oct 13, 2018 8 comments 3604 1259

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I thought of this little scenario...we're lovers, but for whatever reason we're apart...possibly in the same house but different beds, or maybe farther afield.

But whatever the case, you're in a situation where you can't make any noise...you can't react, you can't talk back, you can't moan or groan...but you can secretly, quietly touch yourself as I touch myself and try to send you over the edge.

I have to be quiet too, and so I set up this mental and aural playground...teasing you with whispers and soft sounds, letting you hear me cum, breathing against the phone as I try to fill your head with images you can't resist.

So you can think of this as a kind of whispery tease over the phone - you could be at work, or somewhere where you shouldn't really indulge your bulge...but I'm in your ear, hoping to make you climax...quietly :P

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  • Sexanimal22 on 2018-11-17 15:11:32 (UTC)

    Holy Crap Eve! This is my first audio of you and you have definitely got my attention!!! 🍆💪✊️ What a sexy voice you have babe! I can't wait to listen to more

    • A Eve on 2018-11-18 19:23:59 (UTC)

      Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it! xx

  • Quincy216 on 2018-10-19 15:21:41 (UTC)

    Now I want to read the rest of Charlie's story. That was a terrific interlude!

    I decided to try an experiment today. I listened to this at work during what I thought was going to be a relatively brain dead Friday. This audio is fantastic in every way, but I have now found myself in a particular state at, what is turning out to be, an inconvenient time. Not sure how the rest of the day is going to go, but I can tell you this for an absolute certainty: This afternoon's shower is going be flipping amazing! Fact!

    • A Eve on 2018-11-09 20:47:42 (UTC)

      haha I'm happy to hear it, Q! xox

  • CharlieRomeoLima on 2018-10-16 08:22:29 (UTC)

    The part of my imagination that engages with video games thinks that I am a black ops operative on an infiltration mission, where I can't make ANY noise. As I am ghosting through lightly-patrolled maintenance corridors and ventilation shafts my tactical visor HUD covertly indicates an incoming civilian transmission on satellite uplink. Who could it be? Why, it's someone I am working toward coming back home to but she's horny right now - and so am I. A surge of adrenaline as I hear the voices of approaching guards - a man and a woman. I slip into cover behind some crates and from my vantage point I see them furtively peer about the corridor they're in before they start making out and she goes down on him for a BJ.

    The enemy lovers aren't going anywhere soon so I turn half my attention (can't be caught by hostiles with my pants down, literally! :P) to my own special someone on the home front. We both get off, and this bonus objective stands accomplished in exemplary fashion!

    • A Eve on 2018-10-16 12:40:29 (UTC)

      I think someone needs a...

      Comment Trophy! 🏆

      Awesome C! :P

  • Matthew on 2018-10-14 00:50:05 (UTC)

    Miss Eve I just listened to this I enjoy it immensely you could say my bulge has been fully indulged So much ASMR the whispers and the wet mouth sounds were so beautiful, and yes it was so edging , you get that tingly feeling deep in the chest you're such a tease i loved it many thanks :P I'm gonna buy a sucky fucky travel flask as well, Miss Eve you are Brilliant 😘🎧👍,

    • A Eve on 2018-10-14 19:46:56 (UTC)

      haha I hope you enjoy the travel flask! Just be wary of the funny looks you might get :P