Sexual Science Survey...for Science

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I was presented with the opportunity to take part in this survey, offered by a very sexy researcher who has admittedly very little concern about confirmation bias or sample size, but nevertheless is a dedicated sexual scientist. P value? Out the window. Double blind? If I can wear the blindfold.

So here are my answers. Below is a transcript of the questions he posed

This is not a questionnaire. This is a serious sexual science survey...for science.

Question 1: What is your name? Or if you’re uncomfortable with that, what pet name would you like me to call you?

Question 2: Where do you want me? Is it the bedroom, or out in public, or somewhere else? And the corollary - what am I wearing? A suit? Am I naked? What will you be wearing?

Question 3: Where would you like me to concentrate my affections? Kissing your clit, tongue fucking your cunt, licking your ass, kissing your neck, growling in your ear, kissing you passionately?

Question 4: How do you want to be fucked? Do you want to be clothed, with your tits out, skirt hiked up, ripped stockings and panties? Do you want me to take you like you’re mine, to break you, do you want me to squirm for you and plead and beg? Do you want to love me and feel the heat and passion together? Tell me!

Question 5: Where do you want me to cum for you? Do you want it on your tits, your ass, deep in your pussy or ass, down your throat? Or do you want to watch it spilling all over my own body? Please answer quickly!


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  • MadWithLust on 2018-03-05 00:57:37 (UTC)

    It's amazing that just hearing you talk about sex can get me going! Hearing what gets you hot is hot! So many sexy ideas!!! Just so you know, I may have to fap to this...for science! :P

    Ahem, I mean...Thanks for participating in this survey! Since this is such a scientific survey, please feel free to take the survey as many times as you'd like to share those tantalizing details... :P

    • A Eve on 2018-03-07 14:06:08 (UTC)

      I think I will! :P

  • CharlieRomeoLima on 2018-02-23 14:52:16 (UTC)

    With the raw audio quality to the audio, I couldn't help but listen to this in the context of a sex survey conducted over the phone. Sent to a sample size of several tens of thousands of women, many of whom either gave quick cursory answers or hung up in a huff of feminist outrage before getting back to their busy, overcrowded lives, except for one outlier set of responses volunteering much more data than the researcher dared entertain the notion of ever receiving from a subject. I predict with 99 percent confidence that despite the huge sample size his data, when plotted on graphs and charts, are going to yield heavily skewed results, accurate to plus or minus 2 percent, 19 times out of 20. Now, outliers are routinely cropped out of the data set for a better representation of the data curve but in this case it begs a much more thorough analysis.

    His first question asks for your name. Methinks he knows your real name (and phone number to robocall you with his survey) but what he's really angling for is the name of your sexual soul, the inner fire that animates you and makes you truly come alive during torrid episodes of wanton lust and desire! And pet names, maybe some peculiar French terms of endearment would be to your liking? Ma puce, mon oisillon, mon poussin, ma chouchoute? Or variants more classic like mon coeur or ma moitié. Hmmm...ripped stockings and panties - better add those to your wishlist for replenishment from your fans - and more ripping to come! :P

    • A Eve on 2018-02-28 13:39:24 (UTC) many possibilities..maybe I should be releasing my own survey :P

  • Murtaugh83 on 2018-02-20 23:54:00 (UTC)

    Hey Baby, Kinsey would have been pleased with such a survey response. As for pet names how do feel about Red or Mo Chuisle . Happy early Birthday wishes. XO


    • A Eve on 2018-02-22 12:35:56 (UTC)

      haha thank you M! I love Mo Chuisle, I think that's such a wonderful term of endearment, very typically, lyrically Irish ❤️

  • ArthurWynne on 2018-02-20 23:05:15 (UTC) (edited)

    Sweet Christmas. You make even surveys exciting! Insatiable is a very appropriate word indeed. Thank you for “completing” this for us!

    • A Eve on 2018-02-22 12:36:11 (UTC)

      haha you're very welcome! 💋

  • Georgio36 on 2018-02-20 19:08:29 (UTC)

    Eve before i comment on how breathtakingly insatiable this audio is; i have to share my thoughts on the comment you left on the friendzone audio. I understand maybe you don't wanna deal with the opinions shared on that audio. BUT you have to know how important that episode was to many of us. I think it may be the most important one cuz we want to get better with women & as men. It's natural that we would have questions about of some things you said more specifically the women only be attracted to what men does but not him. It left the wrong the impression in some of our heads.

    It would have been nice to get your thoughts on what we thought instead of just moving on like that. I appreciate what you was trying to do & it was what it was. I tried to leave some helpful encouragement to the guys there & i want them to know that their are women who like what they are not just what they do

    • A Eve on 2018-02-20 20:00:02 (UTC)

      Hey Geo - thanks for asking this question, I realize now that I didn't explain that part as well as I could, so I have added a note to the description on that audio which will hopefully make it clearer.

      I never meant to imply that a woman only wants you for what you can do - not at all. It's simply that she will be intrigued by what you do to the point of wanting to get to know you better, to find out if you have all those inner qualities that we all admire and want. She will fall in love with you, not your guitar playing, you know what I mean? It's just one small thing that can draw her to you at first.

      Thanks for pointing this out 😘

      • Georgio36 on 2018-02-20 21:37:09 (UTC)

        Yeah! Now i see what you mean Eve & it makes a whole lotta sense now 😊. I appreciate you for explaining that & for all your insight. I know you mean well & also ill go check out the survive you put out. Keep smiling 💕

    • Georgio36 on 2018-02-20 19:14:33 (UTC)

      Ok now that i said that, i want to say how this audio really got my blood pumping in a good way lol 😄. This was a sexual experiment i wouldn't mind being a test subject for. Considering that i already trust the woman involved. Just the way you talked about these acts of pleasure had you gasping & moaning breathlessly. That was so hot. I would hope that this leads to more. So yeah, this was very & much light hearted tune that i feel we all needed this week. Hope you have a blissful day & i say all these words with love & respect for you yet from my heart 🍀

      • A Eve on 2018-02-20 20:07:31 (UTC)

        I'm so glad you enjoyed my off the cuff responses :P

        • Georgio36 on 2018-02-20 21:38:14 (UTC)

          Yes indeed! Lol 🌺

  • Matthew on 2018-02-20 14:23:12 (UTC)

    a very interesting survey into the sexual science, i must say i don't know much about sexual emotions like desire, but i must say it's bit of an eye opener - aspeically when its your so sensual self answering the surey, very thriiing, but to be honest your the ideal candidate .....

    • A Eve on 2018-02-22 12:36:29 (UTC)

      haha thank you! xox

  • ShadowMoon on 2018-02-20 05:18:49 (UTC)

    Such enthusiasm for science! My, it is a treat to see such a young woman as yourself taking an interest in the sciences. I admit that the sexual sciences do tend to draw more of a crowd, but it is science nonetheless! I must wholeheartedly thank you for sharing your results with the community. I, and I believe I speak on behalf of my colleagues, have gained much insight today both on the subject of sex and the subject of, well, you! 😃

    I find it fascinating that in almost every question you answered selecting every option presented to you. This suggests that it is perhaps sex itself could be a trigger for your sexual desire (or perhaps the answers were influenced by the researcher administering the questions? That is a variable that must be explored further). An alternate hypothesis that I've begun to develop attempts to incorporate one of the most elusive and hard to quantify substances in existence: love. My theory is that you may simply love sex in almost all of its forms. In order to prove this theory true or false, however, I will need experimentation with lots of documented trials, audio and visual evidence, maybe even first hand experience for our research team. Perhaps we could recommend the researcher that interviewed you? That is...of course...if you would be interested in continuing the research? You said you would be open to follow up questions, and I know that with you I could have a lifetime of questions that I would most enjoy finding the answers together. However, if I may only ask one more, then I would like to ask, if I may be so bold, if you would like to go one step further and join the research team to continue to explore the sexual sciences, with all due credit given to you and your name clearly and proudly presented on all research materials and publications? I know I and the rest of mankind would be most grateful for anything and everything that you have to give. 😊

    Yes...about your name....I'm afraid that it wasn't available in the audio file you provided....if we are to give you credit as well as know what to call such an angel as yourself, would you kindly state it for the record? 😘

    • A Eve on 2018-02-22 12:37:23 (UTC)

      haha I am hesitant to share that particular piece of information at this point...but I do like 'baby' quite a bit :P

  • SamuelXD on 2018-02-20 04:26:32 (UTC)

    Ummmm...... ok Miss.... I.....ummmm thank you for answering the questionnaire. I do have some follow-up questions that are more "in-depth" and I wonder if it is possible to have a 1on1 interview with you?

    • A Eve on 2018-02-22 12:37:46 (UTC)

      haha I am oddly fully booked at this point! :P