DREAM - ASMR Erotic Therapist

50:46 ASMR and DREAM Oct 07, 2017 18 comments 12544 2778

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This is yet another experimental audio of mine, trying to mix different recording styles for a uniquely immersive experience.

In this scenario, you've arrived for your first appointment with a sex therapist. My goal here is not to belittle the work of sex therapists. I just wanted to play this 'straight' as it were, without cheesy innuendo or campy antics. I wanted this to be as close to what a real session with a responsible therapist might be like.

This audio begins with a simple induction into a deeply relaxed state, helping you breathe and relax and become ready for my suggestions.

At around the 20 minute mark, the audio changes to stereo for the ASMR deepener, giving you a mental image to help you relax and go deeper. As I say in the audio, it's what I call 'natural ASMR' - just breathing and some gentle mouth noises, no crinkles or tapping.

At around the 31 minute mark, the stereo cock sucking begins, guiding you towards a gentle orgasm and encouraging you to enjoy the pleasure.

The whole audio's theme is that of appreciating your body for all the amazing things it does, and focusing only on the parts of your body that I mention. It's meant to help you see yourself as worthy of pleasure, as a healthy man who has sexual desires and wants to fulfill them. Hopefully it'll be a baby step towards allowing yourself to feel sexual without any hesitation or worry, and just enjoy the pleasure of an encouraging, sensitive, sexy feminine presence who wants the best for you.

I did not include a wakener with this audio, in case you just want to drift off.

I really hope you enjoy this little experiment, please let me know your thoughts. There are slightly different volume levels throughout the audio, on purpose - to encourage you to listen deeply while relaxing. I suggest you listen to the whole thing at a mid point volume - the beginning will be much louder than the deepener, but again, this is intentional.

And please - do not share this audio on other sites or post it to any torrent sites. If you like my work, please don't steal from me - allow me the dignity of earning my living from this and continuing to make these kinds of audios for you. 💋

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  • Justaskoch on 2017-10-16 13:46:05 (UTC)

    Please please please don't stop making these audios and experimenting with hypnosis. These types are easily why I pay what I do. The talent and finesse is made evident with each release

    • A Eve on 2017-10-20 20:45:26 (UTC)

      Thank you so much! I will be making another ASMR audio as soon as my voice recovers from my cold xox

  • billymacorbuddy on 2017-10-15 11:45:12 (UTC)

    Ah, I was finally able to listen to this before bed last night. Very relaxing, physically. One thing I always have a problem with while listening to hypnosis audios is getting my brain to be quiet for a while. I thought that was the case last night, but when it was over I looked at the clock and realized that I had been listening for the whole 50 minutes, I would have guessed 20. So, maybe my thoughts can be still after all. Thanks for this relaxing audio Eve.

    • A Eve on 2017-10-20 20:45:54 (UTC)

      You're very welcome Billy! I'm so glad you were able to get immersed like that.

  • someguy on 2017-10-12 00:04:19 (UTC)

    I find therapist audios very hot in general, but I needed something like this today. I've been in a dry spell for so long that it really feels permanent (years). Audio is powerful for me, I'm a musician and I learn and experience things best through audio, so I really appreciate something like this.

    • A Eve on 2017-10-12 21:06:33 (UTC)

      I'm very glad, thank you for listening and commenting! xox

  • Stargazer on 2017-10-10 04:27:54 (UTC)

    I do believe I've found my new favorite ASMR/sleep audio. This was absolutely brilliant Eve

    • A Eve on 2017-10-10 22:43:28 (UTC)

      Thank you so much Stargazer! 💋

  • Georgio36 on 2017-10-08 05:31:55 (UTC)

    Whoa Eve this Eraudtic Therapy session gave me many eargasms lol 😄 (if that's a thing). The mental ones certainly happened tho. I can see how greatly you have improved at ASMR & working with the mics. Please continue to use that mic at the beginning & that audio level cuz it just sounds very stimulating. You had me feeling immersive tingles & such calming energy.

    What i like about what you do is i can gladly hand over all my worries, all my hang ups about sex or relationships; you make me feel comfortable. Like it's ok to feel the way i do. I like that i can learn about sex & women from you (i have learned a lot!). I don't talk about the sex stuff with just any ol person. I rather a woman bring it up first so i know it's what she wants too.

    I feel better & better about myself each time because of audios like this. Your hard work is that good. I know i have a ways to go to be where i want to be in life. However with people like you, my family & friends, I'll get there soon. Lets not forget you are the Empress of cock worship. You know what i like naturally in audios like this. So for that, i give you this 🏆. Hope your day ahead be lovely. Excuse the long text but you can make a person feel that expressive. Keep smiling ✨

    • A Eve on 2017-10-10 22:43:57 (UTC)

      I'm so glad you enjoy these audios, Geo! You always make me glad I did them xox

    • CharlieRomeoLima on 2017-10-08 11:19:32 (UTC)

      "Excuse the long text..."
      I know what you mean, Georgio, this was a nice, long audio, so there was so much to say about it! 😃

      If the benefit of any therapy session is proportional to how much we open ourselves up to the therapist who is doing his or her professional best to help us, then I know Dr. Eve will be one of the most effective in the field. I'd feel safe to be unguarded and totally unfiltered in her sessions, holding nothing back, allowing her the widest scope possible to work her magic on all my negative self-perceptions. Of course we are all told to be thankful for our health and physical well-being, but Eve's audios like this one truly make me feel that gratitude deep in my bones. And with that appreciation, suddenly a lot of things seem much more possible and within my reach.

      Haha, and eargasms totally are a thing! They are a big reason I listen to ASMR vids on YouTube :) Your comment was great, Georgio, and I wish you an awesome Sunday! 🌞🌞🌞

      • A Eve on 2017-10-10 22:44:40 (UTC)

        I'm delighted to hear this, Charlie 💋

      • Georgio36 on 2017-10-08 11:42:32 (UTC)

        Ohh crap i can't believe i didn't see your comment soon enough charlie. For some reason i was super tired Saturday & felt emotionally drained. Luckily i saved just enough energy for Eve's Audio. Your awesome words are so appreciated. Charlie you are right about there being a lot to say about this audio cuz it was lengthy in a great way. I love having that much of Eve's time 😊. I never thought of visiting a theraphist before but Eve is someone i would visit often, just to hear her voice. Good to know Eargasms exist & i definitely get those in ASMR with all the many triggers that are available. I would call the ones Eve gives us Eraudigasms haha! Have a bright Sunday my friend 🌞

  • CharlieRomeoLima on 2017-10-08 00:48:12 (UTC) (edited)

    In this scenario's opening I thought that you introduced yourself and outlined the session ahead with a professional yet highly reassuring mien, without a hint of detachment or cold clinicality, sort of how I like to imagine your bedside manner might have been if you had become a doctor. I could feel safe dropping my cynical guard, allowing my initial skepticisms of erotic hypnotherapy as a possible pseudoscientific quackery to evaporate along with the day's cares and burdens. The qualitative changes in your vocal tone as you transition from speaking conversationally with the patient to the induction phase is so gradual I didn't even notice them happening. Perhaps this was aided by the deliberate gradual lowering of volume you mention in the description, or maybe it was the unobtrusive music, but it was great because this permitted me to balance my focus on your soothing voice with my concentration on regulating my breathing and muscle tension according to your instructions.

    This scenario is very reminiscient of your classic erotic hypnosis audio work, but this time cross-pollinated with the Exclusive performance you recorded earlier this summer of Cuddle's excellent sex therapy script, where the therapist endeavours to change her patient's world view on things like his self-confidence and value. Your remark about not wanting to belittle the work of real hypnotherapists/sex therapists - I think I know you too well to ever accuse you of that, and I did not get the impression that this scenario parodied or satirized these professionals, not at all. As I said you were very professional, and came across as being genuinely serious about wanting to help the patient with his issues.

    Regarding the ASMR portion, I liked your emphasis on the 'centre-channel' instead of multi-directional binaural for this scenario; as the hypnotherapist you would of course be expected to be seated before me instead of walking all around your office. The lower-key mouth sounds gave my ears some nice tingles as a bonus, but I also liked how there's never any expectation to experience them, for the listeners who aren't ASMR-sensitive. And the encouraging cock worship, so suckily and wetly erotic and pleasurably arousing as always, was again enhanced by my more relaxed state. This time, it felt like my orgasm lasted for just over half a minute counting the final aftershocks.

    I hardly need say it at this point, but I enjoyed this experiment throughout. If I had to offer up a single point of critical feedback, I would say that, though I am aware of your deliberate decision not to include a wakener, the fall-off of your voice, of your presence, near the end felt a little abrupt. EDIT: I gave this part another listen at a higher volume and I think it's my headset's lack of power that is at fault for this. Perhaps this is not so much a critique as a testament to the fact that I'm so addicted to hearing your voice I don't want it to stop, which is easily remedied by hitting play again! 😃❤️

    I remember when you tweeted about this audio before your Scotland trip, about how you didn't want to make your members wait even one more day. That was such a sweet sentiment, but I'm very pleased you took all the time you needed to get this audio just right before releasing it; rushing a project is rarely the right call, and the extra time you spent on this certainly paid off, if my feels are any indication. Thank you so much for boldly experimenting like this Eve; you'd make one hell of a fine sex therapist of any stripe or specialization!

    • A Eve on 2017-10-10 22:45:58 (UTC)

      Well I'm very glad you enjoyed your session Charlie! I'm very glad you guys are 'patient' with me (see what I did there :P)

      • CharlieRomeoLima on 2017-10-11 06:04:27 (UTC)

        Always a real pleasure, Eve, and your works are always so well worth the wait. 😃

  • Durgarnkuld on 2017-10-07 21:13:04 (UTC) (edited)

    I'll listen to this tonight. Tomorrow is a big day - so this comes just at the right time!

    EDIT: It was a feast, Eve. Keep experimenting like this and you really have something going here!

    • A Eve on 2017-10-10 22:46:38 (UTC)

      I'm so glad! This was a tough one to do, I'm very glad it turned out well 💋