Girlfriend Experience 10: A Slow, Deep, Sensual Suck - few words

06:32 Girlfriend Experience Feb 05, 2016 7 comments 2368 1222

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Time for a slow, sensual suck, baby...

Let me lick your balls and lick your head, tap my face with your cock and then suck it, long and deep...hear it pop out of my mouth...and then feel it slide back into my warm, wet mouth....

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  • Jandrusel on 2016-02-09 12:02:26 (UTC)

    I think I may be in love with those face-tapping sounds. Nobody plays the male instrument like you, Eve Van Halen.

    • A Eve on 2016-02-10 21:37:17 (UTC)

      haha high praise indeed! Thank you!

      • cuddle_with_me on 2016-02-11 18:44:15 (UTC)

        Something something Jump...

  • cuddle_with_me on 2016-02-08 20:02:10 (UTC)

    This is gorgeously lovely! 💕

    • A Eve on 2016-02-08 21:13:56 (UTC)

      Thank you! ❤️

  • RedKnight on 2016-02-07 02:01:19 (UTC)

    "Time for a slow, sensual suck, baby..."

    That line is probably meant to just be an intro for the piece itself, but it made me feel really, *really* good. It felt like I was the focus and that this had been planned for a while.

    This was excellent. :)

    The "popping out" was really nice. I don't think I've heard it in an erotic audio before. Might there be more of it in the future?

    • A Eve on 2016-02-08 17:48:02 (UTC)

      Oh definitely! I don't know why I didn't include it before!