Five Voicemails from Eve (a fantasy until you get home)

18:49 Fantasy Lover Nov 23, 2016 22 comments 1811 850

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Imagine you went off to work and left me all alone...and I felt like leaving you a series of voicemails to let you know what I'm thinking about as I go about my day... much I think about wet you make I fantasize about you...and can't wait to get home and fuck myself for you...


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  • Jeffsortairish on 2016-12-06 20:48:45 (UTC)

    Wow, you've given us some wonderful EE audios!

    In "Making Love", such a beautiful and effortless intimacy, those lovely waves savored in their ebb and flow.

    And here in "Five Voicemails", such unabashed desire and giddy spirit, yet still with your sweet nuances, like how your voice softens as you say "the things you might want me to do to you".

    Cooking naked, now that's a happy holiday thought. Although if it's a bit nippy, you could wear an apron and socks ;)

    • A Eve on 2016-12-07 15:29:22 (UTC)

      haha good idea....then it would be a bit 'nipply' :P

  • MadWithLust on 2016-11-28 11:29:22 (UTC)

    If these messages were on my voicemail, I'd totally have to hit "save"! This is doubly hot! Hot from you describing what you're doing...and hot from describing what you're fantasizing about! And I swear, there is something extra horny and needy in your voice in this one...and it drove me crazy! And your orgasm sounded so sweet and satisfying!

    If I rush home, maybe I can make it there in person for round 2! :P

    • A Eve on 2016-11-28 12:44:16 (UTC)

      haha that's the idea :P

  • ahmedbashar948 on 2016-11-25 16:37:26 (UTC) (edited)

    Loving it :) might as well stay at home rather than leave you...and how do you make the blowjobs sound so real???? The sucking sounds you make arouse me so much for some reason lol

    • A Eve on 2016-11-25 21:12:05 (UTC)

      haha thanks - you're not alone 💋

  • billymacorbuddy on 2016-11-25 12:33:46 (UTC)

    Wait, how did you know I've always wanted to be fondled in front of fresh pasta? I've also wanted to be groped in front of grapes, rubbed in front of rhubarb, and caressed in front of cashews. Maybe another time.

    • A Eve on 2016-11-25 13:49:49 (UTC)

      haha jerked in front of jerk chicken?

      • billymacorbuddy on 2016-11-25 14:11:55 (UTC)

        *gasp* No, what kind of pervert do you take me for?

        • A Eve on 2016-11-25 14:23:36 (UTC)

          you're right, that would be going too far... :P

  • Durgarnkuld on 2016-11-24 18:33:29 (UTC)

    Wait ... grocery stores in America play music? What madness is this?!

    • A Eve on 2016-11-24 20:01:02 (UTC)

      Should I be upset that you listened to the whole audio and chose to comment on the grocery store music? :P

      • Durgarnkuld on 2016-11-24 20:28:30 (UTC) (edited)

        Hey, sexy times in groceries is totally fine with me! But music? Thats just alien! :P

        • A Eve on 2016-11-24 20:59:43 (UTC)

          Well I'm probably basing my previous grocery shopping experience on Wal-Mart Supercentres in Canada, which had music. But I think other stores had the radio playing as well - in fact I know they did, I stopped for Remembrance Day Minute of Silence in a grocery store once, hearing it over the radio playing overhead :D

          • Durgarnkuld on 2016-11-24 21:13:59 (UTC)

            Based on my toootally accurate movie impressions, thats seems to be a thing. It just hit me, that ... we don't really do that here. So, obviously you are the ones, that are weirdos. *nod*

            Fine suck-session btw. ;)

            • A Eve on 2016-11-24 22:44:02 (UTC)

              haha obviously. I mean have you been to Wal-Mart?

              And thank you 💋

  • ariareflection on 2016-11-24 13:03:08 (UTC)

    What? No music? Grocery stores should always play WSEX radio on speakers. :P

    • A Eve on 2016-11-24 20:01:35 (UTC) (edited)

      You're the second person to mention the grocery store did you like the rest of it? :P

      But I agree, WSEX would be great

      • ariareflection on 2016-11-24 21:40:11 (UTC)

        I was the first actually. :P Sometimes when i write a comment, i'm too shy. I delete it and then i write something else and delete it again... and i finally end up writing a joke. :P

        I loved every single part of this audio. The funny thing is that it caught me off guard! I was working at home, correcting a document... and when i pressed play and listened to the beginning, i thought it would be mostly sexy rumbles. My browser window was resized and i didn't read the tags. After the 6minute mark i just couldn't multi-task. (lol) You were so damn sexy and captivating!

        • A Eve on 2016-11-24 22:43:28 (UTC)

          haha sorry about that, yes you were the first :P

          And I'm glad you liked it...even if it did distract you from work :P

  • joetinla1967 on 2016-11-24 03:26:08 (UTC)

    Oh Miss Eve,
    This was insanely hot, I don't think I could've held out past the third voice mail before. I'd be on my way home also now I have a new found appreciation for grocery shopping and for some odd reason I'm suddenly craving a boneless chicken.
    One more thing your giggles and giddy laughter is just beautiful and one of the sexiest I've ever heard.
    Thank you.

    • A Eve on 2016-11-24 20:02:12 (UTC)

      Aw, thank you, I'm glad you liked it ❤️