Sweet Dreams - snuggle up baby, I'll help you drift off

08:25 Cuddly Aug 17, 2015 11 comments 7502 2175

Download (11 MB, MP3)

Can't sleep? Let me help you baby...just snuggle in close...


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  • Sang on 2017-11-09 18:33:23 (UTC)

    I'm guessing I speak from more of your listeners than just myself when I say that we definitely appreciate a little sappiness.

    This is probably my favourite audio of yours that I've heard. You have a real talent for conveying warmth through your voice.

    • A Eve on 2017-11-10 14:08:41 (UTC)

      Aww, that's so lovely, thank you! 💕

  • Achinghart on 2016-07-30 03:16:25 (UTC)

    I found myself saying "I love you too" out loud. Thanks for making me feel special. I really need that right now.

    • A Eve on 2016-07-31 14:58:57 (UTC)

      You're very welcome - hang in there, it'll be okay 💕

  • RedKnight on 2016-01-09 02:54:18 (UTC)

    "I love our bed."

    How, if I may ask, do you manage to make that one phrase be so caring, sexy, and adorable at the same time? :)

    • A Eve on 2016-01-09 19:52:55 (UTC)

      aww, thank you...

      I have no idea o_O

      but I'm glad you like it!

  • BinauralNerd on 2015-08-28 18:05:15 (UTC)

    Magnificent, as always. "Lost in you" was such a perfect phrase to use. Someday I hope to find that kind of a connection with someone.

    • A Eve on 2015-08-28 23:09:37 (UTC)

      You will - hang in there!

        • A Eve on 2015-12-12 20:23:05 (UTC)

          Aw, that's so sweet <3

  • HqQxX5e5 on 2015-08-28 03:16:21 (UTC)

    Eve I have never heard a voice that did so much to me. I know in all cosmic likelihood I will never meet you but how I wish you were mine as in these types of audios. I would be the luckiest guy ever. It isn't just the sex stuff you seem genuinely intelligent and nice :)

    • A Eve on 2015-08-28 23:09:27 (UTC)

      Thank you so much, that's so sweet 💕