Sexy Shorts: The Return (featuring /u/The__Other__Guy)

31:06 Sexy Shorts Sep 06, 2015 2 comments 9734 1780

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This story was adapted from a scene in a Regency romance novel I wrote, set in England around 1810 (roughly the time of Pride and Prejudice). It involves a young widow who is having a passionate affair with a man whom she believes is a man of business. At this point in the story, they have been apart for two weeks, during which time she has discovered that not only is he actually a Duke, but that he was responsible for restoring her family's once-lost fortune, and has been keeping both things secret.

In this scene, he makes a long-awaited return to her bed…

Historical romance fiction is perhaps not what you think - it's very graphic, very modern in terms of the sex the couples get up to, and romantic without being sappy. It focuses on the best parts of history and conveniently ignores the unpleasantness :D

Side note - Dukes/Duchesses in the UK are addressed formally as "Your Grace" the way Princes/Princesses are called Your Highness, and Kings/Queens "Your Majesty" - or at least they were during the time period of this story.

Thanks to /u/The_Other_Guy for playing the role of the Duke so well, his delicious accent and perfect delivery are exactly how I envisioned this character sounding.

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  • MadWithLust on 2015-12-20 15:33:40 (UTC)

    I've been waiting for a good time to listen to this one and it's perfect for holding me over for sexy storytime. At least until the return of Stay With Me when your voice returns from the awful cold (Maybe you can spin this as a midseason holiday break?).

    The sound effects in this one were crazy good. I had to pause it a few times to make sure a Big Bad Wolf wasn't trying to blow my house down. It sounded so real!

    But your voice stole the show! I do quite like your English accent, especially when it narrates such sexy scenes! I wasn't expecting the tear-your-clothes-off urgency! I loved it! And you snuck in two sensual scenes, both of which were "gripping"! I wasn't able to "follow along" quickly enough for the first one but I was definitely ready to enjoy the real climax of this audio... :P

    And well done by /u/The_Other_Guy / The_Other_Duke!

    • A Eve on 2015-12-22 21:51:01 (UTC)

      Thank you MWL! I'm very glad you're enjoying these, I know they aren't everyone's cup of tea :D