Making You Dominate Me

16:08 passionate partners Jul 26, 2015 4 comments 9235 2388

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Here's what I want you to make me do...

thanks to cuddle_with_me for this intensely hot and passionate script!


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  • Vermouth1991 on 2018-02-06 06:22:16 (UTC) (edited)

    The secret to a man dominating a woman seems to let himself be dominated by her lust for him. ♥️

    She may be the one on her knees, but she has the real power even though her face is mashed against his crotch. The correct suck and fondle and she'll make his knees wobble even as he pushes her head closer down onto his cock.

    • A Eve on 2018-02-11 17:13:51 (UTC)

      haha yes, that's a good way of looking at it :P

  • Spartaking71 on 2017-09-10 23:54:36 (UTC)

    At heart I'm definitely a sub, thing is my girlfriend is most times the same way. this can sometimes be difficult for both of us. Neither of us wanting to be selfish. This may be just what we need to get each of us into gear thanx so much😂

    • A Eve on 2017-09-11 18:10:48 (UTC)

      You're very welcome! 💋