Friends to Lovers: I've Wanted You Forever

29:23 Friends to Lovers Feb 11, 2015 15 comments 2583 1189

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We've been friends for so long, but I've always wanted you. I could just never tell you.

But now that we're alone, and naked, and there's nothing stopping I can finally show you...

another awesome script collab with my bestie cuddle_with_me! 💋


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  • BeatingStrong on 2016-10-10 05:56:32 (UTC)

    That was beautiful, I'm left with vivid memories of this script. I'll probably think back to this all day.

    • A Eve on 2016-10-12 11:47:05 (UTC)

      Aww, thank you ❤️

  • LeariWavan on 2016-06-28 03:35:16 (UTC)

    Now I'm going to have to plug myself into the matrix and download that scenario right into my brain...wait what that was only a movie. Crap! Good thing I enjoyed listening to the most skilled of mental painters. Her brush strokes are sublime and her use of moans and slurps and of course words highlight the colour and bring out the emotion that cuddle_with_me! was writing about. mad skillz mad skillz!!!

    • A Eve on 2016-06-28 21:59:23 (UTC)


      You thought it was only a movie? arches eyebrow

  • MadWithLust on 2015-03-03 11:26:19 (UTC)

    I love the Friends to Lovers series! All that pent up love and sexual tension seems to just ignite so readily and naturally. All the caressing was sweet and after all that succulent oral (both giving and receiving), it's a good thing you were okay with a quickie because I couldn't hold back against that much sexy!

    P.S. I loved the knob line with the foosball table! I bet it was that sly cuddle_with_me! Nicely done!

    • A Eve on 2015-03-03 19:09:10 (UTC)

      Awww, thank you! And I never want anyone to hold back, that's the whole point! 💋

      • MadWithLust on 2015-03-04 11:13:39 (UTC)

        Oh, you! Don't be silly...I didn't mean that I would deny myself the pleasure! As if I could resist! It's just that it's so much more powerful and intense and satisfying for me when the fantasy plays out the way you so deliciously crafted. I know very well that they always have "happy endings"! And I love a good happy ending! :P

        • A Eve on 2015-03-05 10:13:09 (UTC)

          Hahaha, so do I! And happy beginnings and happy middles! 💖

    • cuddle_with_me on 2015-03-03 17:24:34 (UTC)

      I wish I could take credit for the knob line. That was all Eve!

      • MadWithLust on 2015-03-04 11:16:07 (UTC)

        Either way, to the both of you, awesome job!

        • A Eve on 2015-03-05 10:12:38 (UTC)

          Thank you! 💖

      • A Eve on 2015-03-03 19:09:36 (UTC)

        Are you sure? I don't remember now! LOL

  • tanwar18 on 2015-02-12 06:50:32 (UTC)

    Hi Eve, if possible then please make these kind of audios: Deal with the Devil - the Succubus and Samhain Night.. Ritual of Lust which have both feelings of sex and little horror. Thats my suggestion only.

  • cuddle_with_me on 2015-02-11 18:12:15 (UTC)

    This one turned out so, so, so amazingly great! I am always amazed at the life you bring to what we write, how real you make it seem, how passionate it feels.

    • A Eve on 2015-02-11 21:22:51 (UTC)

      oh, you know how much I love working with you! You always give me such inspirational material to draw from!