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  • Macmick619 on 2021-05-20 13:58:37 (UTC)

    My second time doing hfo just wow . Came so much . Also a little help by wearing my girlfriend panties

    • A Eve on 2021-05-26 12:35:18 (UTC)

      I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  • Gnurph on 2020-08-18 12:16:42 (UTC)

    Had a wonderful HFO with this file. After a couple months of not being able to really go under fully, and certainly not HFO, I listened to this.

    I went down, down, down gently, deeply and completely. I was fully immersed and saw everything, felt every sensation and reacted as if we were together.

    Thank you again for making these files. There isn't enough sex positive, male positive erotic audio in the world.

  • Nitronut771 on 2019-09-24 08:14:21 (UTC) (edited)

    This is my first time visiting your website and these audio recordings are awesome. I LOVE this and came twice hands free. I’ve never felt anything so intense in my life like this and you can be certain that I’ll return , you are amazing Eve


    • A Eve on 2019-10-01 15:12:30 (UTC)

      Thank you! I'm glad you found the site and are enjoying it!

  • Bobby875 on 2018-09-21 08:00:46 (UTC)

    Hi Eve,love your audios infact i look forward to bedtime because i want to listen them:),albeit as i am virgin, so i don't know how it feels to be inside woman's mouth/vagina.So i don't get the feeling when there are moment when those actions are referred in the audio.How can i get the feel of it? maybe providing more pertinent analogy to stimulate the feeling of mouth and vagina will help, to corroborate the point,whenever there is mention of "firm grip over the 'part' with hands" i know exactly how it feels because of i jerk off with my hands.Thanks for reading, you are amazing

  • Mtravis on 2018-08-18 08:45:17 (UTC) (edited)

    I came 7 minutes ahead of schedule.Not gonna lie i'm kinda proud of myself

    • A Eve on 2018-08-19 12:49:31 (UTC)

      hahaha great comment xox

  • Someone on 2017-12-19 00:11:21 (UTC) (edited)

    Wow! A-ma-zing! I love you! (sincerely!) You gave me such an experience! And something tells me that I will listen to your audio again! Love you! :)

    • A Eve on 2017-12-20 15:29:03 (UTC)

      I'm very glad! Thank you for listening xox

  • Thanks6 on 2017-11-30 15:53:01 (UTC)

    Thank god for This one, been trying so long and This one did it. Thats just The way you should beg for it. Such an amazing feeling. Suddenly I realized I was caught in the scenario and could not break it, did not want to. Heart pounding so mad I could feel it, whole body shivering and The edging was extreme until helpless climax. Can say being tierd helped and Also clenching now and then. Im addicted now..

    • A Eve on 2017-12-05 13:06:06 (UTC)

      I'm glad you enjoyed it! xox

  • Relaxedplus on 2017-08-09 13:51:40 (UTC)

    First off can I please say thank you for such a great evening, was my first time getting an HFO and it was truly spectacular!! Been trying out your audios for the past week and finally got there. Was getting hard on and off throughout the track (wasn't enough to tip me over though), towards the end (last 5 mins maybe) thought I'd try something out. Slowly started playing with my balls, tugging them, rolling, pulling. Man this is where it started. Began with slight twitches, built into the longest time ever being on the edge of cumming. Never ejaculated like it before. Started out dripping cum, then turned into a full blown fire hose (not quite, but it felt like it)! Without your voice though, being as genuine as can be, none of that would've happened so thank you so much! Xx

    • A Eve on 2017-08-09 20:37:43 (UTC)

      You're very welcome, I'm glad you found something new that works for you 💋

  • IamSubhamStark on 2017-04-07 22:32:35 (UTC)

    U wanna know how I listened to ur Voice, I was feeling almost sleepy all lights were off, then my friend messaged me ur audio's link, I thought let's give it a try coz it says orgasm in it, what will audio do with sex, then I played it at first 14 minutes it was non erotic but ur voice was so soothing to me, I fell in love with that, people judge by face, I think people should start listening to others it is more deeply connected, If ur voice is so beautiful U must be beautiful (from inside) many many love from me U r the best ever voice over artist I've ever heard not because u r making erotic audios because Ur voice has power to make anyone do anything by ur will which very less people acquire in this world, When I was listening I put my phone on loudspeaker and put it on the left side of my pillow and it felt like there was a beautiful lady convincing me through all the time,,, it felt so real that it was unbelievable, love u and ur ART, if U have twitter a/c plz let us know , not business account Ur personal one we will love to follow U....😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

    • A Eve on 2017-04-07 22:55:45 (UTC)

      Thank you, I'm glad I can help you sleep :) Here is my Twitter and my Instagram

      • IamSubhamStark on 2017-04-08 08:28:19 (UTC)

        That's business profile both don't u have ur own one

        • A Eve on 2017-04-08 08:54:02 (UTC)

          They're both just me and what I do

          • IamSubhamStark on 2017-04-08 18:00:50 (UTC)

            What if we wanna see how u record @ studio or ur Instagram post like usually a celebrity does

            • A Eve on 2017-04-12 19:00:02 (UTC)

              I share what I choose to share, please respect that.

  • Axout on 2017-03-30 20:10:34 (UTC)

    Hello Eve,

    I was looking on pornhub and came across this video called ASMR Hypnosis for a Hands Free Orgasm
    by whisperingv . And im pretty sure she listened to your audio and used your script but slightly diffrent. I dont think you can do anything about it but mabye mail pornhub and ask to remove video ? just thought to let you know since you made the script and actual effort


    • A Eve on 2017-03-31 10:45:23 (UTC)

      Thank you for letting me know, I'll look into it. 😘

      • IloveyouEve on 2019-02-28 20:29:19 (UTC)

        i thought that's is your account on pornhub so she is copying you or she isn't

  • Hypeivar on 2017-02-08 16:32:01 (UTC)

    HFO again! Think, when you tell me to cum I will...

    • A Eve on 2017-02-16 13:41:20 (UTC)

      :D I'm glad these work so well for you ❤️

  • Zanarkand on 2016-08-05 17:07:35 (UTC)

    You know Eve, you've got that one thing that nearly all of the world of erotica and porn has been missing, which is a genuine passion for erotica. It really comes through and it makes sexual pleasure that much more powerful and memorable.

    Your down to earth personality, sound reasoning for controversial topics and passion for the art made me want to support someone making adult content for the very first time. Thank you for the astounding work that you do, and good luck with your future in it. :)

    • A Eve on 2016-08-06 21:02:04 (UTC)

      Thank you so much! Wow! That's such a lovely thing to say, and I have to say I'm touched that you noticed haha!

      This area of life is so often viewed with distrust, suspicion and disrespect that it's so nice to be able to break through all that and just be a normal, sexual person reaching out to others.

      Thank you again! 💋

  • Rudolph on 2016-03-28 03:00:02 (UTC)

    Wow, can't believe this worked in some way, I was in some kind of a trance, the beginning part really relaxed me, I felt very light...
    This really worked, but somehow I lost my bone in the middle of sucking part (2 min before sucking I got boner), 1 min in sucking part my heart beat started to speed up (134, I guess I was soft after that, I guess it would worked if I had the full bone. I was trembling until the end, I was kind of aware what's going on, I could wake up, but I continued, because I was so in it.

    This is how I understood this worked on me, once all the sounds ended and there was a pause, then my trembling reduced, at the no.3 it was so little, and when I opened my eyes, it was completely gone...

    I hope this explanation somehow helps in future audios..

    Came here from YT video btw. Also I can't find the official Eraudica channel..

    • A Eve on 2016-03-28 11:43:11 (UTC)

      oh awesome! I don't have an official Eraudica channel, just my Eve's Garden for now, but I am thinking of starting one for Eraudica. Thanks!