Vanilla Spice: Controlling My Orgasm

06:43 Vanilla Spice Mar 05, 2019 0 comments 427 78

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Remember those Christmas coupons? :P

This audio is kind of like an audio-within-an-audio - you've asked me to record this little encounter where you cash in a coupon I gave you. The one where you get to tie me up and subject me to sexually charged pleasure/agony with my toy and control when and how I come....

This one is a bit short, but you know...sometimes a girl just has to come! :P I know that porn videos that feature a woman being teased by vibrators or by someone with some kind of mechanical device are usually pretty lengthy, the idea being to tease her for a long time without letting her cum - but as with all the audios I do, I don't like to focus too heavily on the fetish or kink for it's own sake. I prefer to frame them within the context of a loving couple just playing and having fun experimenting.

So this isn't a typical 'drive her insane with teasing and don't let her cum for three hours' - but I think it's just as fun. 💋


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