A Week in Paradise - I'm yours for a week, what will you do first?

38:25 Passionate Partners May 10, 2015 2 comments 2562 930

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I've been neglecting you because of work...but finally, we get to take that island holiday we both need so badly...

My body is yours for a week...anything you want...

So what will you do first?


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  • BACESPACE on 2015-05-12 19:18:44 (UTC)

    An entire week to have Eve to my liking. Just that thought alone makes my imagination run wild with endless possibillities of having my rock hard cock pleased. To have you wherever, whenver, just from any slight dirty thought I may have, would be AMAZING. 😆

    • A Eve on 2015-05-13 22:23:15 (UTC)

      why thank you! That's just what I hoped! :P